Where are people traveling this summer? Google Trends offers clues

As the U.S. economy starts to open back up, interest in travel has boomed — and Google Trends is providing some clues as to what many people are looking for in a vacation destination this summer.

‘Can I travel’ search jumps 800%

Internet searches for "can I travel" have jumped more than 800%, and those for "hotel booking app" have risen by more than 100%, the company wrote in its consumer insight report published earlier this month

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Google said the increase in key global searches affirms the peak interest in travel.

People want travel to offer more options

Fifty-seven percent of people are looking to travel when the coronavirus pandemic is over. Meanwhile, the same percentage of people expect bookings to be more flexible.

"Flexibility drives decision making. To fully embrace travel in a post-pandemic world, people are relying on brands to provide flexible booking, changes and cancellation options," Google wrote.

Millennials and Gen Z most eager to travel again

According to the report, the Millennial and Gen Z generations are most eager to travel again, as "these adventurous types consider travel to be vital."

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"Next-Gen consists of 151 million millennials and Gen Zers with $350 billion in spending power in the U.S.," the report stated. "To put that into perspective, more than half of Americans are Millennials or younger."

Where people want to travel

While the report did not explicitly say where people would be traveling, it’s clear that younger generations are looking for a place that can have equal parts relaxation and adventure, while also being budget-friendly.

52% of next-gen audiences resonated with the travel brand messaging "escape and relax" 38% with "budget-friendly" and 38% with adventurous.

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Meanwhile, all generations are looking for travel destinations that are relaxing and stress-free, while also being a new experience. 

51% of all generations resonated with "relaxing," 40% with "new to me" and 41% with "stress free."