Winter weather delays, cancels flights across U.S. – How Phoenix is impacted

Winter weather across the U.S. is causing a lot of trouble at our airports, including in Phoenix, as nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled nationwide – Wednesday and Thursday.

On Feb, 2, it was a very quiet day at Sky Harbor in Phoenix. As of the afternoon, 45 flights were delayed and 107 flights were canceled.

The massive storm, expected to hit the central U.S., from Texas to the Midwest, is underway and already impacting travelers.

"I have been in Dallas for a week and was supposed to fly out tomorrow evening and southwest canceled all the flights tomorrow," said a traveler.

Seeing the weather predictions, travelers got creative and got out of town early.

"It was either take a chance on Friday to come back, or cut my trip short and come back early. So I was able to get on a flight today," he added.

Others just experienced minor delays, but were happy to get out of the cold before it got worse. "Pretty heavy snow going into Denver. They got 8 inches of snow there, but the airports did a good job running well," another traveler in Phoenix said.

Out of Sky Harbor, the canceled flights were from the areas that will be hit by the storm, like Texas, Denver and other cities in the midwest. Travelers say they're happy they got back to Arizona just in time.

"I was able to get out without any problems so that was good," the traveler said.

"It was -4 there when I left, and now it is 57 here, and looking forward to Arizona weather while I am here," the traveler said.

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