Cardinals unveil new food items at University of Phoenix Stadium

For Cardinals fans attending games this season, the excitement won't just be on the field.

There's also a slew of new food items at the concession stands for the entire family to enjoy.

"We try to go with things that people will eat and they look forward to eating and they will eat on a regular basis when they come to a game," Executive Chef Sean Kavanaugh said.

The new items available at the "Wings of Honor" stand in section 107 of the main concourse are all poultry-based, as the name suggests. Things like fried chicken and waffles, chicken tacos, turkey dogs and burgers and yes, even a smoked turkey leg, are some of the new food items that will be available this season.

"Keeping our families in mind, we have a family pack of fried chicken, it's six big pieces of fried chicken with a pound of french fries; comes in a souvenir box," Chef Kavanaugh said.

You also won't find a lot of gimmicky food on the new roster. Stadium managers say they'll stick with tried and true options that they hope will be a touchdown with the "Birdgang."

"When people come to the stadium, not only do they have a great time watching the Cardinals on the field, but also new options when they go to the concession stands," said John Drum, vice president of stadium operations.