Suspended WWE wrestler in court for domestic battery

WWE star Adam Rose could take down any opponent, often winning in the ring before being suspended by the organization. Outside the ring, however, he has his struggles.

Just days after protesting his WWE suspension, Adam Rose, whose real name is Raymond Leppan, was arrested in Lutz and charged with domestic battery against his wife, Casandra.

Casandra, however, pleaded with the judge Thursday in court, not to keep her husband in jail.

"I would like Ray to be released and to come home and be with his children and his wife," she said to the judge.

She also seemed to down-play the whole incident, including what she told police when Raymond was arrested.

Cassandra said hurtful words were exchanged, not punches.

"It was an argument that got out of control and he grabbed my face, and when he did that, I said I was calling 911," Cassandra explained.

She said he grabbed the phone from her and the call was disconnected, but police showed up anyway.

Court records show Rose was suspended indefinitely by the WWE for another domestic incident in March. No charges have been filed in that case.

But Hillsborough County Judge John Conrad did not like what he was hearing.

"This has got to stop," he said. "There's going to be a price to be paid at some point if this doesn't change... at some point there's got be some intervention,"

And with that public scolding, the wrestler got big a break. Judge Conrad gave him a $1,000 bond.

"No violent contact, no acts of violence or threats of acts of violence against her in the future, do you understand that?" asked Judge Conrad.

Raymond replied, "I do sir, thank you."

Part of the condition of his release is he get counseling from his pastor. Raymond Leppan will be back in court in June.