Lake Powell reportedly rising about a foot a day

Some welcome news for people heading to Lake Powell this summer. Water levels have been rising about a foot a day, now up about 40 feet since April. The snow pack from the Colorado Rockies is the main contributor. With more water, people will be able to get to more access points, and so far, four more boat ramps have been opened.

Is reusing wastewater a solution for Arizona's water woes?

As the megadrought continues, there are a number of solutions being offered to help cities, as well as households, save water. One solution involves reclaiming water from sewage, as well as water used in washing dishes, doing laundry, and bathing.

Arizona well-drilling permits for Saudi-based company revoked

A pair of well-drilling permits for Fondomonte Farm has been revoked. The company has unlimited access to Arizona's groundwater, which they used to grow alfalfa that is then shipped back to the Middle East. Residents in La Paz County are complaining that local wells are drying up.

Cloud seeding gaining traction amid Rocky Mountain drought

A technique to get clouds to produce more snow is being used more as the Rocky Mountain region struggles with a two-decade drought. Cloud seeding involves using planes and ground-based equipment to put silver iodide into clouds when weather conditions are right.