Arizona Task Force 1 not coming home just yet, because of Hurricane Irma

A team from the Phoenix Fire Department who had been helping relief efforts for Hurrcane Harvey won't be coming home just yet.

The 80-member Arizona Task Force 1 was expected to come back to Phoenix Wednesday from El Paso, Texas, but instead, they are now being deployed to help with Hurricane Irma.

It has been a long 1.5 week for Task Force 1, as its members rescued and helped people in flooded Houston neighborhoods, and even made a few new friends along the way. The team may be were forced to change plans, but the team's members, made up of mostly Phoenix firefighters, are used to that.

"[Hurricane] Irma was bearing down on the coast, and there were going to be serious needs for search and rescue," said Shelly Jamieson, in a phone interview. "That's where the team got together. Everyone determined. We're ready to go. The cache is ready. We have the right attitude. We're rested up, and we can go again."

"They went to every team member individually and said, 'hey, make sure things are in order back home, and can you stay?'" said Captain Larry Subervi with Phoenix Fire. "Every single member were able to stay."

The plan now for the team is to make their way to Alabama, where they will meet with other FEMA teams, and wait there for Hurricane Irma to hit, and respond to help when that happens.