First weekend at Roosevelt lake after evacuation orders were lifted

ROOSEVELT, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- On Friday, firefighters still made good progress on the Woodbury Fire, which has been burning in the Superstition Wilderness.

The Woodbury Fire, which is now the 5th largest wildfire in state history, has burned 123,000 acres of land, and as of Friday, it is 68% contained. Firefighters hope to have it fully contained by July 15.

The fire had also caused many closures of lakes, hiking trails and campgrounds in the area, but Friday brought some good news for people hoping to head outdoors over the weekend, as almost everything closed is back open, with the exception of Apache Lake and a handful of campgrounds.

"It's a relief," said one man. "The boats were covered with ash and the marina, God bless the firefighters. They saved it."

Roosevelt Lake and neighboring communities were evacuated for nearly a week due to the Woodbury Fire, which blocking boaters from the marina and cut off business at the restaurant.

The Woodbury Fire came pretty close to Roosevelt Lake, having made it to the top of a ridge in the area. Backburns were then made to keep the area safe.

It was not all fun and games on Friday, as a helicopter hovered over hotspots not far away, dousing them over and over with 500 gallons worth of water from its Bambi Bucket.

Back down on Roosevelt Lake, however, the placid lake waits patiently on more visitors.