Volunteers donating plane, flying time to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

People around the country and in the Valley have stepped in to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Now, a volunteer aviation fleet with AERObridge is sending several planes to the affected areas, hopefully loaded with the supplies for those in need.

Several plane owners and pilots have joined in on the effort to provide much needed supplies to those in need. They're going to be getting these supplies to these people in a few hours instead of a few days.

"Some are going in to Houston Hobby and Houston Continental, and some are going into these little grass strips," said Alan Staats with AERObridge.

Several aircrafts in a volunteer fleet with AERObridge are ready to hit the skies, but supplies for people affected by the devastating floods in Texas are needed before take off. Donations are being accepted at Ross Aviation at the Scottsdale Airport.

Work gloves, chainsaw oil, ear protection, eye protection, mosquito spray, and non-perishable food items are needed.

"Everything you see here and the other donations that come in today will be in Texas and in the hands of the first responders by tomorrow morning," said Staats. "

Jim Neeley and his son Derrick flew in from California Friday morning to help. Neeley is donating his plane and flying time.

"With the unique thing with this airplane is we can bop in and out of small strips really quickly, and still carry 700-800 pounds of whatever they need me to carry," said Jim. "My younger brother is popping out of Salt Lake right now in his airplane, and he has 600 pounds of motor oil on his plane. We're going to be loaded. We're going to do some good, we're going to go for it."

About 60 planes with AERObridge from across the country are helping out, totaling about $2 million in flight time and fuel. Donations are being accepted at Ross Aviation in Scottsdale throughout the night.