2 heroic boys beat police to adorable duckling rescue

Police in Savannah responded to a call regarding eight baby ducks caught in a storm drain, but when they arrived, two heroes were already there and the rescue was underway.

The baby ducks were in distress and trapped. Two local boys, Derrick and Noah, were already working to free the ducklings when officers arrived at the scene after receiving an animal complaint call.

The Savannah Police Department posted about the heroic act on their Facebook page.

"Derrick and Noah were already in action, helping the ducks escape from the storm drain. With the officer's help, they were able to remove the storm grate and rescue the ducks!"

The boys, along with the officer, were able to free the ducks from the drain and avert catastrophe.

"The ducks have been taken to a wildlife preserve," the Savannah Police Department's Facebook post read. "Let's give Derrick and Noah some love for stepping up yesterday and making sure these cute little ducks were safe!"

The post has garnered more than 2,000 reactions and 400 shares within the first few hours of it being posted.

This story was reported from Los Angeles