AAA: With increased holiday travelers, gas prices at 11-week low

Arizona's fuel average fell to an 11-week low heading into the holiday weekend, according to AAA.

"I kind of know where prices are cheaper around me here. I work around here so I come here. At home I have one that I go to," said Yolanda Dominguez.

Valley residents like Dominguez are well aware the prices are on the decline.

AAA projects 865,000 Arizonans will travel over the holiday weekend from Friday June 30 to Tuesday July 4, with 37.5 million Americans embarking on Independence Day road trips.

That's an increase of 1.25 million travelers or 2.9 percent over last year, making ti the most traveled Independence Day since AAA has been counting.

David Martinez drives all day, every day for Fischel, an underground construction company. He plans to stay in town over the holiday, but he says he definitely pays more attention to the price at the pump when he does plan a road trip.

"When I'm going on my vacation and stuff like that, that's when I realize it is what it is," Martinez said.

AAA says record refinery rates, high gasoline and crude inventory are among the contributing factors causing the downard price trend.

At last check, the statewide average cost per a gallon of gas was $2.27 per gallon, which is a drop of 3.1 cents over last month and 2.1 cents more than this time last year.