ADOT offers free online program to get kids into engineering careers

From roads to bridges to the technology behind them, the Arizona Dept. of Transportation is hoping to teach the younger generation about all the jobs available in transportation engineering through a free online program just for kids.

"We knew the parents were looking for things for their kids to do since they couldn't really go out, and so we launched this kids program in order to educate kids about the various aspects of transportation," said Ryan Harding with ADOT.

Harding says that through games, online videos and activities, kids can learn all about the different jobs within ADOT.

"Help them learn about it at a young age, and some of them, hopefully at least when they grow up, might consider transportation as a career," said Harding.

They also try to show how some subjects in school, like math, can be applied to real-world applications within engineering.

"We're just hoping to come up with new ideas -- it's all coming up from our ADOT staff, just to find various ways to engage kids and transportation and kind of help lay the groundwork because we'll need future transportation engineers in the future," Harding said.

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