Afghan man in the Valley speaks out amid ongoing chaos in Afghanistan

A Valley man from Afghanistan is watching the news unfold from thousands of miles away.

His family is still there, and he is doing what he can to bring them home, before it is too late.

"This was a big mistake," said Said Sherbaz, an Afghan refugee who left his country and arriving in the U.S. in 2005.

For Sherbaz, watching the terror unfold in Afghanistan has been incredibly upsetting.

"I am not happy with this," said Sherbaz.

Sherbaz worked alongside U.S. Marines when he got to the U.S. to teach them about Afghan culture, and helped them work with translators. Now, Sherbaz works for a nonprofit, assisting other refugees like him.

Sherbaz knows both sides of the issue, and believes there should have been a different approach.

"We spent the money and left one night from the base, just in one night, and everything happened this quick," said Sherbaz.

The repercussions of these decisions are impacting not only thousands of Afghan’s unable to escape, but also his family. His mother and his brother are still there, and time is running out before American troops leave.

"You cannot evacuate thousands of people. This is impossible," said Sherbaz. "50,000, 75,000, this is a big number. Who will be responsible for this now?"

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