Arizona electors bombarded with requests to change their votes

Donald Trump won Arizona, but could that change when the Electoral College convenes in December?

An effort is underway to get some of the state's 11 members of the Electoral College to vote against Trump.

The parties pick up the people who will be in the Electoral College and in some states, the electors chosen by the party are required to vote for their winning candidate. Arizona is not one of those states -- the elector can vote however they want and because of that, some apparently see an opportunity.

The election is over. Votes are counted and the race called, but it appears some voters are holding out hope that they can convince electors in the Electoral College to change their mind.

"On Thursday, I started getting phone calls and e-mails at home and on my personal accounts telling me that we should basically abstain from voting for Trump for all these reasons," said Alberto Gutier, a long-time Republican and also the director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Gutier says he also received more than 300 e-mails on his work account since Election Day, but he has no plans to change his vote.

"It is my decision like it was way back when I pledged that I will support whoever wins the primary to vote for Donald Trump for president of the U.S. on December 19 when we meet to do the Electoral College vote," he said.

Efforts like this appear to be happening in the many states where electors are not bound to their state's popular vote. This comes as California Senator Barbara Boxer filed a long shot bill that would abolish the Electoral College.

And as protests continue all over the country, including one in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Gutier said, "Calm down and people need to accept what the Arizona voters and who they picked to be their president by winning Arizona."

About half of U.S. states do not require the elector to vote for the winning candidate.