Arizona Helping Hands providing footlockers for foster kids

Local nonprofit Arizona Helping Hands is trying to make foster kids feel a bit more secure by providing them with footlockers they can take with all their belongings locked inside. 

A room is filled with cribs, beds, clothes and diapers all for foster kids for free from Arizona Helping Hands.

"Largest provider of basic needs to kids in the foster care system throughout the state of Arizona," said Dan Shufelt, CEO of Arizona Helping Hands. "Today there are 14,000 kids in foster care, and their primary form of support in the form of materials is AZ Helping Hands."

They are continually looking for ways to help foster parents and kids. 

"We're talking to group homes and they have an entire menu on their minds that are distracting from their day to day life and one of their fears is their loss of their everyday items," says Shufelt. 

That's why they are working to provide lockers. Shufelt says in some cases this means some of the very few keepsakes they have of home can be protected. 

"Any child in the foster system, tweens, teens, we'll help you with a footlocker, you can now put your items in your footlocker, you can lock it up and know that it will be there tomorrow," said Shufelt. 

Giving a little peace of mind to these deserving kids. 

"We surround those people with support services and make their lives a little bit better and provide safety and hope to children," said Shufelt.