Arizona mother inspiring other women to grow in real estate

"Initially, I didn't want to learn how to do reels -- listen, I'm closer to 40 than I am 30, no one wants to see me on TikTok, right?"


Amy Gregory is a Valley mom with a growing social presence. Her goal is to help other moms grow their real estate business.

"I don't think there has been a better time to be a female in business," she said. "With the power of social media and the ability we have to create our own jobs, no one showed me how to do this, I just made it up and I'm still making it up."

Her efforts are reaching women across the country, but it didn't start like that.

"My first year in real estate I really struggled -- showing up pregnant, in a minivan with crushed goldfish in the seat... I felt really uncomfortable in that and I would kind of share some of that on Instagram, but my audience totally related to that -- these were smart women that were home raising their families and they knew whether I'm pregnant or not I am still smart," she said.

Gregory has since expanded her network of real estate moms across the country to 65 women and growing. Her plan is collaboration over competition and she says women know real estate is in their genes.

"I am telling more and more women, 'no, you are so entrenched in the community, you are the person that is perfectly qualified to sell a home,'" she said.

And grow your network in ways you have never imagined.

"Hey, there is more than one way to build this and you can get this to work with carpooling and making dinner and soccer practices," Gregory said.

That is why she's become a magnet for women in real estate, zeroing in on what makes women so unique in the growing industry of real estate, where women tend to make the decision on where the family is living.

"So I kind of have an unfair advantage. I know that she needs a laundry room upstairs and a drop zone coming in from the garage -- you don’t need to explain why I get it," she said. "But you also have to know the numbers and crunch the numbers, you have to know your stuff. Even if you’re in sweatpants and a ponytail, you better know your stuff."

Amy Gregory

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