Arizona Snowbowl opens with COVID-19 precautions, including limited capacity

The Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort was a popular spot over Thanksgiving weekend, with many taking to the slopes just days after the resort reopened for the season.

Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic comes changes, such as the number of people allowed in. That means there's a wait time for some visitors.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, tickets to the Snowbowl were sold out and even for those who did manage to snag some tickets, with only so many people allowed on the mountain at one time,
some have to wait their turn at the bottom until other families left.

The owner of Desert Snow Connection, Jose Aguilera, says his passengers haven’t that issue. His shuttle takes passengers from the Valley directly up to the mountain.

“We have preferred parking. It is direct to lift access so you actually don’t have to wait in the ticket line," he explained.

He says he was initially concerned about business this season since they’re operating at a limited capacity. Lucky for him, seats are filling up quicker than usual.

Passengers are being kept socially distant, among other COVID-19 precautions.

“It’s a very safe option. We’re taking all precautions. Limited seats, providing comfort kits, masks and water bottles as well as hand sanitizer to keep everybody safe," Aguilera said.

While no one knows exactly what the rest of the season will hold, Aguilera says he’s grateful for the turnout so far.

“We’re excited about having more and more people come out as the terrain opens up," Aguilera said.

Season pass holder talks about his new experience

Season pass holder John Hauner went up to Snowbowl for the third time this year using the shuttle company Desert Snow Connection.

He says even though Snowbowl was sold out, it was not nearly as busy as usual, especially for a holiday weekend.

"'Cause like on a really busy weekend in the past, the lodge would be packed with people, lift lines, and there were only two lifts running today," he said.