Arizona ranks #1 when it comes to acres burned as wildfire losses begin to show

When Tari Infante and her husband evacuated their El Capitan home last month, they never imagined they'd come back to find so much damage.

"I was shocked. I'm still shocked.. feel like I am just in this state of shock. I can't believe this happened," she said. "Our 40 acres is incinerated. The only thing left standing is one out building that houses our solar and well equipment."

Sorting through the rubble left behind from the Telegraph Fire, they say nothing was salvageable, including precious keepsakes they've held onto for decades.

"Every now and then, I think of something lost, a trinket that was a gift or a craft that one of my kids made when they were young and every time you remember one of those things, you go through a little grief period."

But thankfully, she and her husband got out alright, along with their two pets. They're now living in a rental home in Gold Canyon.

"We had nothing. We had to go buy dishes and silverware. Different items that you just take for granted. I felt like a teenager just starting out again."

Tari and her husband are just one example of the many families in Arizona that have lost their homes due to wildfires.

As of this week, Arizona ranks as the number one state in the country for wildfire damage, sitting at nearly 480,000 acres burned so far. That's more burned acreage than Alaska, New Mexico, and California combined.

As for Tari, she says she and her husband are just grateful to have each other and their beloved pets.

"Clinging to our faith, clinging to the love and support of family, friends, and even complete strangers."

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