Residents near Telegraph Fire dealing with flash flooding

In Globe, residents are dealing with the aftermath of the Telegraph Fire as rain in the area has caused flash flooding.

While people in Gila County were expecting rain, they weren't expecting how much ended up falling. Now, the county is working to prepare residents for more rain.

Flash flooding surprised residents

As Messina Fairbanks drove home this past weekend in Globe, she saw rushing water on the road in areas of Globe. For many, it was a surprise.

"Probably 100 yards up the road, I see the water coming down, so I just thought to go live on Facebook," said Fairbanks. "I'm live, and watching the water come down and then I kept looking at the road and I see it coming onto the road and then I see more and more and more."

Globe Mayor Al Gomeros says the county was prepared for this after the Telegraph Fire burned a lot of the brush that would hold the rainwater. Residents were given sandbags to protect their homes.

"The last three days, we've been receiving rain, and yesterday, being the worst day, it came through the canyon and did a lot of damage to homes and bridges and roadways. It came down in various areas of the canyon," said Gomeros.

He says they were fortunate, as the water went through waterways. However, a creek nearly overflowed.

Wildfires continue to burn

Meanwhile, over in the Crown King area, crews continue to battle Tiger Fire.

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Officials say the fire is difficult to battle due to location and rough terrain. Crews are fighting the fire from above, but boots on the ground are essential to containing and stopping the fire. Officials say they need the fire to move to an area where firefighters can safely engage.

As the firefighting efforts continue, residents are on standby, hoping for the best.

"That's what's worrying too. They want it to get closer. They need it to get closer to fight it better, but how close will be too close?" said Daniel Jackson.

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