Arizonans reserving outdoor, water activities ahead of warmer months

As many people continue to look for outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the boat rental industry has seen a huge increase in demand for rentals as the weather warms up once again in Arizona.

Boat charter and rental companies say the pandemic has been their busiest year ever, and even though right now it's a slow season for them during colder months, they are already seeing a lot of reservations pour in for March and into summer.

Being out on the water is one place you can totally social distance yourself from crowds and enjoy mother nature at the same time.

"Over the last year, it has been by far the most traction in people interested to get outside on the lake," said Cameron Taylor, captain for Cam Boats.

Taylor runs Cam Boats out of Saguaro and Canyon Lake. He uses the service Get My Boat, an app that allows people to book a boat rental or charter.

Taylor says he's seen a threefold increase in demand for rentals in the last year and only expects it to get busier as the warmer months arrive.

"I am already starting to get booking requests for people setting up for April, May, June," Taylor said.

At Pleasant Harbor Boat Rentals, they've seen the same thing with jet skis and boats. "We have been super busy with reservations and keeping boats in service," says Clinton Page with Boat Rentals of America.

The season usually doesn’t pick up until April, but reservations are already rolling in for March.

"We are expecting a very busy summer. We have a bunch of new products coming in. New boats, new jet skis," he said.

If you do want to get on a boat or any other kind of rentals this summer, Taylor and Page say you may want to look into it now and book early.