As excitement builds, Suns fans are looking for team gear ahead of 2nd playoff game

The Phoenix Suns are set to return to their arena in Downtown Phoenix on May 25, for another playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Suns defeated the Lakers during the last playoff game, which took place on May 23.

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The last time the Phoenix Suns were in the playoffs was 2010, and 11-year-old Brady Snow was with his Dad at the time.

Fast forward to 2021, Brady and his dad are still side by side going to Suns games, and they were getting ready for game 2 of the playoffs on May 25.

"My dad told me I was a ‘high five kid,’ the little kids that are on the court, the little kids at the beginning of the game," said Brady. "Dang, that's a long time ago, 11 or 12 years, and now, it's like - I'm gonna be a dad soon. It’s crazy to see how long that goes."

The Snow family will probably have to join the rush to get some new Suns gear. At the team store at the Phoenix Suns Arena in Downtown Phoenix, people were there all day

"I am buying a shirt, for myself but also for my boyfriend on FaceTime. Back at home working at home and I’m trying to find us stuff to wear for the game tonight," said one fan.

"My dad he’s been talking about it. He’s just happy that they finally got a chance to be in the playoffs," said another fan.