ASU associate professor believes messaging is central to getting more Arizonans to wear a mask

As Arizona continues to see a surge in new COVID-19 cases, doctors and Gov. Doug Ducey are calling on people to continue to wear a mask, despite the governor stopping short of requiring all Arizonans to wear a mask.

On Nov. 19, FOX 10's Bailey Miller spoke with an associate professor at Arizona State University on messaging and its importance.

Bradley Adame, who studies crisis communication and conducts research that looks at how to create better messaging, has been following the messaging efforts about masking up closely. He says ways it helps to transfer messages to the public -- and in this case, masking up -- is by asking local celebrities to wear a mask, and having billboards and signs all saying one concise message, because that is how he says it becomes a habit.

"At this point, more messaging would work," said Adame. "Different media all saying the same thing. What that does is it creates a constant buzz in people’s ears. Even if they don’t believe it is going to work, or if they are on the fence, they think, 'Oh, I will wear a mask. I should probably just wear a mask.'"

According to Adame, he says a mask mandate from the Governor would solidify that habit making process to wear a mask.