Bicyclist killed in crash with Valley Metro bus

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Police say a bicyclist has been killed in a crash with a Valley Metro bus in Mesa.

Mesa Police officials said the deadly crash happened near Country Club and McKellips Wednesday morning. The man was reportedly using the bicycle lane, but riding in the wrong direction.

"The bike lanes are there for a reason, and the bike lanes are designed so a bicyclist has to follow the same traffic laws as a vehicle," said Detective Steve Berry with Mesa Police.

Police also said the man was not wearing a helmet. Mike Coburn with Sonoran Cycles said the story is a sad example of why bicyclists need to obey traffic laws.

"You really have to think like you're in a car when you're on a bike," said Coburn. He went on to say anyone riding should always wear a helmet, and that the difference can be between life and death.

"It only takes a couple of feet to fall from a bike to the ground, and you can get severe head trauma just from falling a couple of feet," said Coburn.

Meanwhile, police said the bus driver is cooperating, and there were no signs of impairment.

>>SkyFOX video from the scene: