Biden transition team says President Trump's refusal to concede is causing problems

Here in Arizona, races are finally wrapped up. Votes are counted and a lawsuit dropped, but it's not really politics as usual elsewhere.

President-Elect Joe Biden met with advisors on Nov. 14 as he moves forward with the transition, but President Donald Trump's refusal to concede the race is slowing down that process.

Trump excited his supporters with a motorcade drive-by near the White House on Saturday as thousands gathered in the nation's capitol to back the president's efforts to fight the election results.

A week after the race was called for Biden, the president's court battles have not yet yielded any evidence of fraud, but they're still creating headaches for team Biden.

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The agency in charge of authorizing the transition has yet to officially recognize him as the winner, denying his staff access to key resources usually provided to the incoming administration.

"But with every day that passes, it becomes more concerning that our national security team and the president elect and the vice president elect don't have access to those threat assessments, intelligence briefings, real time information about our engagements around the world," said Jen Psaki, a Biden-Harris transition official.

Despite the delays, the president-elect is getting to work on assembling his staff.

Sources tell FOX that Biden is considering former national security advisor Susan Rice for secretary of state. Also on the list, Sen. Chris Coons, a longtime friend of Biden and fellow Delaware resident; and Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

For secretary of defense, department veteran Michele Flournoy is reportedly a top choice for the position. If picked, she'd be the first woman to lead the Pentagon.

A Biden official tells FOX News that under the new administration, the White House daily press briefings will be making a comeback -- part of the president-elect's campaign pledge to bring normal traditions to the White House.

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