Break-in suspect found stuck in the ceiling of North Phoenix business: police

Police say a man is in custody after he allegedly broke into two businesses in North Phoenix.

The suspect, according to officials, was found early on the morning of Mar. 3 stuck in the ceiling, with his legs dangling from the roof.

"It was pretty intense for someone to get this far off dumb luck," said one witness who did not want to be identified.

According to investigators, the suspect broke into businesses on the northeast corner of 35th Avenue and Peoria. The witness said the suspect went to great lengths to get inside the Holy Smokes shop, and didn't end up stealing anything.

"The dumpster [was placed] toward the corner," said the witness. "[He] grabbed a couple of those wires, then got into the vent."

When officers arrived at the scene, police officials say they heard noises inside the shop. The witness said the suspect appeared to have kicked a hole through the ceiling, and then tried to get back out the same way.

"He didn't really think it through, 'cause once he got in there, he started breaking everything just to get his way out," said the witness.

Investigators say they found the suspect on the roof of an adjacent restaurant.

"I think it's ridiculous people have businesses trying to make money, [and] people break in and mess everything up," said the witness.

According to police, officers helped the suspect down using ladders. He was then taken into custody.

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