Man arrested in Tovrea Castle burglary that caused $50K in damage, police say

A man who caused $50,000 worth of damage during a burglary at Tovrea Castle earlier this month has been arrested, Phoenix Police said.

The reported break-in at the famed "Wedding Cake Castle" happened on May 20 at around 1:48 p.m.

Police say there was damage to the basement doors and a historical exhibit. The suspect also reportedly took a fire extinguisher before leaving.

This was the second incident at the historical property in the last few weeks, but information about the first incident was not released.

The castle is located on 44 acres near Loop 202 and Van Buren Street. The structure was originally intended to be a hotel and ended up as a private home.

On June 2, police say detectives were able to identify the suspect as 46-year-old Matthew Anderson. He was already jailed in connection to another crime.

Anderson was arrested for the Tovrea Castle burglary. He is accused of burglary and criminal damage charges.

Police originally estimated the damages to be approximately $90,000. In an update Friday, police said around $50,000 worth of damage was caused during the burglary.

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