Casting call held in Tempe for movie about Nothing, Arizona

"I can play whatever role they need me to play! Whatever they need me to do, I can do it," Yolanda Wells said.

"Just whatever they got. I'm just starting out," Anthony Ulcigrai said.

Hollywood maybe next door to the Valley, but Phoenix is making its mark in the film industry by adding another feature film to its growing list.

"I feel like there are so many people ready to be apart of the film industry and we're so close to California -- there's no reason we can't have a film industry here in Arizona," said Kelly may, director of Ditto Productions.

Ditto Film Productions is bringing its feature film, "Nothing, Arizona," to Phoenix by holding the first casting call today at Brandlab Studios in Tempe.

"It's super fun to everybody coming through the doors, getting to experience, being in the space. It's very exciting for them before they walk in, they get that buzz going of just being in a big studio space before they, they get to walk in and do their movie audition," said Bridgette Balmes, studio director at Brandlab Studios.

A gritty drama, "Nothing, Arizona," captures a man's life after prison while finding redemption, starring the first Native American Oscar winner, Wes Studi.

While the production company casts for background roles, feature film director of Ditto Productions and Arizona native Kelly May says it's exciting to see so much talent in the area.

"We're excited that it's all of this local talent that can come together for this production and prove that we should have a film industry here in Phoenix."