Circle of Hell Run challenges trained runners in extreme heat challenge

Participants take place in the 5th annual Circle of Hell Run on South Mountian.

Most people do whatever they can to stay out of the heat, but a group of runners were purposely counting their laps around Pima Canyon Trail on Saturday. 

The fifth annual Circle of Hell Run took place for three hours with dozens of people running in the heat for the event. Although there are plenty of people on the sidelines helping to keep them hydrated and encouraged, it is important to remember these people trained for this event and running on your own in the extreme heat is highly discouraged.

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"If you were out here doing this on your own, say last Tuesday, it’d be the most miserable thing in the world. But you get a bunch of happy, energetic people out here and it just changes it entirely," organizer Chrisztopher Rotten said.

What are the rules?

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Participants take place in the 5th annual Circle of Hell Run on South Mountian.

The rules of the run are simple: take as many one-mile loops as you can - or choose - between 2-5 p.m. 

The final "death lap" must be completed after 5 p.m. 

Organizers say the Circle of Hell Run has grown each year and the camaraderie is what makes people come back for more. 

The event raises money for the Arizona nonprofit 2gether We Live. 


We do want to remind you that these participants are people who train their bodies to run in this heat. 

The average person should not attempt to do an activity like this during an excessive heat warning.