Cleanup underway after stormy weather battered Arizona Monday

Much of south-central and southeastern Arizona was under flash flood watches Tuesday as residents in some areas cleaned up after winds downed trees and lightning struck at least two homes in metro Phoenix.

(Photo: Kevin Beverage)

No injuries were reported from those storm-related incidents Monday.

Flash flood watches at midmorning Tuesday included Phoenix and Tucson and extended from Wickenburg in northwestern Maricopa County to the state's southeastern corner.

Lightning strikes of homes were reported late Monday in Phoenix and Surprise, and wind snapped a tree at a Scottsdale home, sending part of it into the house's kitchen.

Crews earlier Monday rescued people from several vehicles stuck in flooded unbridged crossings.

In Willcox in Cochise County, winds Monday night damaged several homes and snapped power poles.

As the day wore on Tuesday, the damage the storm caused in parts of Apache Junction began to show.

"The property just on the corner there that we're purchasing it looks totally different now," said Colleen Sinclair. "Mother Nature does what she wants to do, and the water knows no boundaries and took out a bunch of the plants."

Sinclair said she can't get to the property that she is purchasing, because many of the roads in and around the area of Lost Dutchman and Goldfield were washed out. The roads are now covered in mud and debris.