COVID-19 vaccine trial involving children encountering delays

It's a question that many parents are asking, now that school is back in session: How soon could young kids have the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

In the Valley, a children's Moderna vaccine trial, involving kids from six months old to 11 years old, is already underway, and doctors say while the results are promising, it is taking longer than expected.

Study encountering delays

Dr. Steve Plimpton is the principal investigator in Phoenix for the study. He was hoping to have it available for kids by the start of the school year. Now, they are planning for the holidays. There was a delay because investigators say they are watching every aspect that could be an issue for children.

Dr. Plimpton says the process for this trial is detailed and tedious.

"With kids, you have to be so careful. We are trying to decide what dose, and find what dose works the best with kids," said Dr. Plimpton.

This is why the process is taking longer than expected, but there are promising results so far.

"Adverse reactions are none. We haven't had any major adverse reactions," said Dr. Plimpton.

Many have signed up for the study

So far, there are 6,000 participants signed up, with 600 of them in the Phoenix area.

"We signed up as soon as we heard about it back in March," said Rachel Guthrie, who signed up her two-year-old and her four-year-old for the trial. They are still waiting to to get their shots.

"It is hard waiting, and hard knowing your kids are still not as protected as they could be, and we would have the opportunity by now," said Guthrie.

The study is moving into Part Two, with those six months and up able to start getting the shot. Dr. Plimpton says is exciting, as they move closer to the finish line.

"The study is for safety and efficacy. We know it is effective. We know this by checking the babies responding to the vaccine. We know it works," said Dr. Plimpton.

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