Downtown Phoenix organizes Lotería as way to bring people back to the city's center

A fun new event kicking off in Downtown Phoenix this weekend.

The event is called 'Loteria," and organizers say it is part art walk, part game, and part urban adventure.

Loteria is a traditional Mexican game that is very similar to bingo. Instead of matching cards or numbers to a card, players need to do some walking, go around to businesses, and find the corresponding images for a chance to win a prize.

"It’s been a rough year, but people are ready to come back to the city," said Downtown Phoenix Inc. Chief Marketing Officer R.J. Price. "They are ready to go out and explore, and this is giving them an incentive to explore. We want them to come back."

21 businesses are participating in the Loteria, and this is the first time ever an event like this was held in Downtown Phoenix.

"I would say it’s part art walk and part scavenger hunt. We had six local artists design cards inspired by 21 different Downtown businesses. Those cards are featured on a tabla. Folks who want to play, come Downtown and seek out those posters and complete their card," said Price.

The posters are located in the storefront of a participating business.

"Once they locate the poster that matches the icon on their car, they go into the business and ask for a sticker, and there are pinto beans stickers inside that they will put on your card, and that marks your square," said Price.

Just like bingo, players need to complete the rows. The more rows completed, the better the prize. To play, participants can pick up a tabla at any participating Downtown business, or from an ambassador.

One of the places taking part in the event is Spoonz Cafe.

"I love getting new people in and explaining to them about the city, and as customers come to me, I explain to them, try to get them to go out to try other new places as well, just to help everyone in the Downtown area," said Spoonz Cafe owner Denise Bismore.

To submit a card for a prize, players can is snap a picture, and upload it to the Downtown Phoenix website. The event runs through May 23.

Downtown Phoenix Loteria

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