Downtown Phoenix vigil held for late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hundreds took to Arizona's State Capitol building the night of Monday, Sept. 21, in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, who passed away on Sept. 18 from health complications.

The crowd started forming around 6 p.m.

Those in attendance, men, women and children, held candles in remembrance, gave speeches and reflected on the legacy of the iconic figure they say Ginsburg was.

Signs were held that read, "Thank you, RBG," and "Rest in Peace."

A woman at the vigil said Ginsburg not only worked to progress women's rights, but human rights, too.

"Ginsburg is brave. She's a light in the dark times and I know that we will get through this together and because of her legacy, human rights, not just for women, but all human rights, are stronger because of what she has done," Jennifer Jackman said.

Andrew Sugrue also remembered Ginsburg Monday night, saying "To give myself to others as an American jew, a member of the LGBTQ community. She and her service which she represents to the court as well as her rulings and dissents have shaped the way I pursue my work and my life."