Driver indicted in crash that left Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb's son dead in 2022

The driver accused of causing a deadly crash that killed three people, including the son of Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, has been indicted. 

Cooper Lamb, his fiancée Caroline and their 11-month-old daughter were killed in the crash.

Brian Torres-Perez, 22, is charged with three felony counts of manslaughter. 

What happened?

The incident occurred on December 20, 2022, in Gilbert, near Elliot Road and Cole Drive. 

Investigators say Torres-Perez was driving about 70 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone when the crash took place.

They said that Cooper Lamb, Mark Lamb's son, and his infant daughter were passengers in a car driven by the mother, Caroline, who was making a left turn.

Torres-Perez was driving in a truck when the vehicles collided.

When police arrived, neighbors were attempting CPR on the baby.

Lamb and his baby girl were pronounced dead at the scene.

The mother was hospitalized and pronounced dead about one week later.

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Neighbors said after the crash that the road was treated like a racetrack.

At the time, it was the third crash at that intersection over a two-week span.

Police said Torres-Perez had traces of alcohol and marijuana in his system. 

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb is currently running for Senate.