Ex-DPS trooper arrested on allegations of sexual abuse, kidnapping and fraud appears in court

A former DPS trooper arrested on multiple allegations of sexual abuse, kidnapping, and fraud appeared in court on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, DPS announced that 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson, who worked for DPS for 13 years, was arrested. Jackson was placed on administrative leave after he was accused in early June of sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop.

Tremaine Jackson (Courtesy: DPS)

Jackson is accused of targeting women who were driving home late at night. In court on Wednesday, attorney David Cantor tried to paint his client in the best possible light.

"He is a father of seven and a former marine who served in Iraq," said Cantor.

The investigation into Jackson's activities began on May 19 with a complaint. Since then, DPS says at least eight women have come forward, claiming Jackson pulled them over and trying to trade sexual favors for leniency, and DPS officials believe there are more victims out there.

"I implore anyone who had contact with Trooper Jackson and may have been victimized by him by commentary or physically to come forward and let us know about your inappropriate experience," said DPS Director Colonel Frank Milstead.

The DPS report says Jackson would sometimes compliment the women and other times command them, often holding them in his custody for long periods of time. All the alleged victims so far are women pulled over for traffic stops. The first known complaint dates back to October 2018.

"This is just unbelievable that this type of conduct would happen, if it's true," said attorney Mike Black, who has been in many cases involving law enforcement officers over the years. Black expects even more people to come forward, and says any pending cases involving Jackson could be in jeopardy.

"That would be an area of concern for DPS, is other cases pending that are far more serious than these," said Black.

If a similar incident happens to you, dialing 911 is your best bet.

"Everybody has got a cell phone," said Black. "You could dial 911, and the gig is over."

Meanwhile, DPS officials say most of the cases Jackson has handed out have already gone through the legal system. Jackson, meanwhile, is being held on $150,000 bail.

DPS is urging those who have been victimized, or know someone who has been victimized, to call the department at (602) 223-2389, or submit a complaint form online.

DPS Complaint Form regarding Tremaine Jackson