DPS: State Trooper arrested on 61 counts of sex-related, kidnapping, and fraud charges

DPS held a news conference Tuesday afternoon after a state trooper was arrested on 61 counts of criminal charges.

The trooper, identified as 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson, worked for DPS for 13 years. Jackson was placed on administrative leave after he was accused in early June of sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop.

This event started on May 19th where we received an initial complaint about some inappropriate comments by Trooper Jackson to a female motorist," said DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead. "While we were investigating that May complaint, on June 11th, we received a second complaint. This one also alleging inappropriate commentary and then also criminal behavior to the extent of sexual abuse."

DPS officials said that's when he was suspended, and a total of eight women have come forward so far. There's a worry over the possibility of more victims. 

"Trooper Jackson was using his position as Arizona State Trooper to bargain leniency for favor," said Col. Milstead.

On Tuesday night, Jackson was taken to the 4th Avenue Jail before his first court appearance. He was booked on multiple counts of sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, sexual extortion, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, harassment, forgery, and tampering with a public record, among other charges.

On Tuesday morning, officers raided Jackson's home in the West Valley. Jackson reportedly moved into the home recently.

"They just moved in last week," said one man.

Jackson appeared in court Wednesday and was given a $150,000 bond. 

So far, eight women have come forward with allegations, but with the timeline only starting last October, Jackson's entire career with the DPS is being scrutinized. In addition, DPS does not have body cameras, and with an allegation of sexual assault during a traffic stop, it begs the question on whether body cameras would have prevented the incidents.

"Probably not," said Col. Millstead. "Cameras can be manipulated to a degree to allow people to do inappropriate things."

DPS is urging those who have been victimized, or know someone who has been victimized, to call the department at (602) 223-2389, or submit a complaint form online.

DPS Complaint Form regarding Tremaine Jackson:

Tremaine Jackson (Courtesy: DPS)