Explosion wrecks North Phoenix woman's car

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A woman in North Phoenix made a shocking discovery. Someone tied an explosive device to her car, and then set it off.

Adaiah Gooden has no idea why anyone would put an explosive device near her car, and hopes this isn't a trend happening in North Phoenix.

"Big boom," said Gooden. "There was no way to mistake it for a firecracker or a gunshot. It was boom."

Gooden had just gone to bed the Sunday night before Veteran's Day when she heard something outside of her apartment near Central and Bell. Gooden had parked her car on the street for convenience, but she didn't expect it to be in pieces. Police officials told her an explosion went off underneath her Chevrolet Spark. The front bumper was off, as well as other parts of the car. In all, it caused about $3,800 worth of damage.

"I was like, 'why my car?'" said Gooden. "I just had the oil changed. Just had the maintenance. Just had it washed and detailed."

Gooden saw reports this week of other random explosions in Northwest Phoenix, and wondered if the damage to her car was connected.

"Well, maybe sharing this information, maybe it's an indication," said Gooden. "Are they moving over now?"

Gooden's incident is still being investigated. Meanwhile, she's just thankful it wasn't worse.

"I could've had my leg taken off," said Gooden. "It was that loud. It was that damaging to my car."

Police have not linked the incidents in Northwest and North Central Phoenix. As for Gooden's car, it is currently in the shop getting repaired.