Family asking for help, after teen's wheelchair was stolen whole she was taking driver's test

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A family is asking for help, after someone stole a teenage girl's wheelchair from a driving school in Tempe.

"It's like taking my legs away from me," said Josephine Siegel.

The wheelchair is black with a hint of purple - and made just for Josephine.

"That chair was made to fit me," said Josephine. "My measurements to a tee."

Josephine says the last time she saw it was at Driving to Independence, where she would finally get her license.

"I wanted to start driving, but when you're in a wheelchair, you have to drive with your hands, so in order to do that, you have to go through the classes, training, a prescription written," said Josephine. "I passed."

That moment only lasted a few seconds.

"When I went back to the parking lot, my wheelchair was gone," said Josephine. "A lot of people don't realize people in wheelchairs can't just stand up and walk around. When I got back, I was stuck in the car just waiting."

Josephine says to get a new wheelchair, it will cost her at least $10,000. While she is asking for help to get a new one, for her, it's more about the sentimental value she lost when her wheels were taken from her.

"I'm in this chair now, and this is the only chair they can give us on such short notice. I have to spend 95% of my day here," said Josephine.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help provide the girl with a new wheelchair. Donate here. Also, if the wheelchair is found, please drop off at Grace Walk Church on lower Buckeye.