Family of neglected Boxers found at Phoenix home

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These little mixed Boxers had a rough start to life.

The Arizona Humane Society got an anonymous tip last weekend regarding this family of dogs being severely neglected.

"So of those puppies, I truly believe they would have died within 24 hours," Juju Kuita said.

Juju Kuita is an emergency animal medical technician and took both adult Boxers and their five 10-week-old puppies, all in critical condition, to the Second Chance Trauma Center where veterinarians ran blood tests, gave fluids and diagnosed all seven of them with tick fever.

"They were so tick infested that it actually shook staff up," she said.

Juju says the owners had left out murky water placed where the pups couldn't reach it and had left a large, stale bucket of food out.

"There was a crack in the bucket and some of the kibble was on the dirt and the puppies were eating the kibble on the dirt and you don't want them ingesting dirt at all because it gets in and can clog their system," she said.

Thankfully, the family is doing much better. A little one is having the hardest time recovering, but all seven of them are expected to be up for adoption in about a month once their tick fever is fully treated.

"Let's have a family that can give them some love and attention and not neglect them," Kuita said.

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