Fans experienced a roller coaster of emotions as Cardinals end season opener with tie

A slow start turns into a nail biter for the Cardinals, but not all fans stayed for the Cardiac Cards. And once you leave, you can't get back in.

It's beautiful how football unfolds — the highs and lows. Think about it, Cards fans have been waiting for eight months to watch three hours of football and they even got overtime, something nobody expected when the fourth quarter began. At that moment, we watched people leave the stadium.

It's early in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals are down 24-9 to the Detroit Lions. Dozens of fans are leaving.

"[I left because] I get sad and I get emotional," Ryann Ford said. "I can't do it in front of people."

Fans aren't happy with the team. They're not happy with their performance.

"It's very hard but, you know, [with this being our] home team, we believe in you guys," said Arie Jaros, who left the game early. "I'm very sober, it just hurts me that I work so hard for you guys and we believe in you guys."

But somehow, someway, it's all tied up and the Cardinals are in overtime.

"Honestly, the last five minutes, I came back outside," said Albert Lebario, who left the game early. "They tied it and I wasn't watching, I was listening to the radio."

They're now back on the Great Lawn, watching and listening. They're hoping the Cardinals come out with a win.

"I stayed in the Red Zone until the end," said Luciano Melendez, who stayed for the entire game. "We were that close. It was an awesome game — everybody in the Red Zone was losing their mind."

Not a win, not a loss — but a tie, and hope that the Cards have a successful season.

So, lesson learned: Don't get up until the clock hits zero. With comeback Kyler Murray at quarterback, fans are excited about the next home game.