Fans getting Phoenix Suns-themed merchandise as team gets closer to NBA title

Next to a ticket to a game, Phoenix Suns merchandise is the hottest ticket in town. As many local business, some of whom actually make Suns merchandise, can't keep the product on the shelves.

Custom Suns bracelet becomes crowd favorite

"I have tons of clients that are Suns fans, and someone reached out to me and say 'hey, can you make me a Suns bracelet?' So we made one and we loved it," said Nicole Krejci with The Neon Cactus Studio.

Krejci posted that custom Suns bracelet on her Instagram and her Etsy shop. Since then, it's been a crowd favorite, much like the team it represents.

"We posted some after the first win, and then we sold them all that night," Krejci recounted. "People picked them up, and we dropped some in the mail. We had some people from out of state that we sent them to, and then we started making another batch for the next game."

Since that first game, Krejci has continued to make the purple and orange Suns bracelets. She makes about 50 per batch, and they sell nearly as quickly as she can make them.

"Everyone is just so excited," said Krejci. "They love having something to wear as a reminder, whether we win or not."

Krejci's bracelets can be customized, and the starting price for the bracelets is around $25.

Fans flock to roadside stands

Fans are also looking to get their hands on other Suns merchandise, and some of them are flocking to stands that are popping up alongside Valley roads.

"We have to get the ones with the finals on it of course," said one Suns fan, identified only as Jason. "Just the shirts. We have some Suns gear at home already, so just extra shirts to wear and support the team."

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