Arizona man shows his love for the Phoenix Suns through his artwork

A lot of very talented people are cheering on the Phoenix Suns basketball team in the NBA Finals, and that includes a Valley artist.

Logan Greig says he started drawing when he was 2-years-old after visiting the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with his family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As he got older, he drew comic book heroes and then sports figures.

"I didn't really start getting more into basketball until I was in high school and went to college and then the Suns were always my favorite team.. like I remember Steve Nash to Amar'e Stoudemire.

Greig became an even bigger Suns fan when he moved to the Valley about two years ago. He started posting his art to his Twitter account and noticed portraits of the Suns team and players received the most likes.

"It was after in the bubble.. in the game against the Clippers.. Devin Booker hit that game winner against Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.. he was lying on the floor. It was like one of those things where just watching it, you knew it was immediately.. that was an iconic picture of him laying down. I was like, I have to get it done today. I rushed at drawing.. I did it a lot quicker than normal because I wanted to get it out that same day and immediately I had 200 people.. then like 400 and then 1,000 and it kept growing bigger and bigger. Accounts were seeing it.. it was crazy," he said.

His art is his passion and right now, a hobby and his love for the Phoenix Suns is making it all the more fun.

"It's insane. Like just hearing the Suns are in the Finals. I just got goosebumps down my arms, it's crazy. I can't even.. I don't even have words. It's unreal. It's unbelievable and so much fun," said Greig.

You can view more of Greig's art at

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