Phoenix Suns fan shares story of special friendship with Devin Booker

For one Phoenix Suns fan, this is a very special time as she gets to watch her friend Devin Booker play in the finals.

"Devin was, from the beginning, he was just different," said Grace Colvin. "He came over and introduced himself, I believe, the first time."

That first encounter was about six years ago. Colvin, her daughter Jenna Warren and the rest of the family were season ticket holders for 11 years.

"She was really drawn to Devin," said Colvin. "I remember she would watch him in his warm ups. She would cheer him on when he made a basket. Then she would be like ‘ohhh Devin’ when he would miss it."

That’s when their friendship started. Anytime Devin would see Jenna in the stands, he would greet her.

"He's nice and sweet," said Jenna.

Unfortunately, Jenna and her family moved to New York in 2020, and haven’t been able to take part in this year's celebrations.

"It's sad. It's a little sad," said Colvin. I’m sure the energy is just crazy in Phoenix, and we would like to be a part of that, but we are just so happy that they’re in the Finals.  We've been fans for so long and we just think that Devin deserves this."

Watching the games now, especially watching Booker play, means so much more.

"He’s awesome. He's playing awesome," said Jenna.

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