Phoenix economy benefiting from Phoenix Suns' run for the NBA title

It's no secret the Phoenix Suns is the biggest thing people seem to be talking about in the Valley at the moment, and with the team in the NBA Finals, the city's economy seems to be winning as well.

Corporations thinking of moving to Phoenix area

No matter what table people sit at - a bar, the arena or a corporate event - the Suns are the talk. Claudia Whitehead with the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development says the Suns being in the Finals is helping to elevate the visibility of the city.

"It's beneficial for both our existing companies and residents looking for quality jobs, but also those corporate executives. Great opportunities and diversity, and great energy of our community," said Whitehead.

Whitehead says it's not just nationally, but globally. Big corporations now thinking of heading to the Valley of the Sun.

Downtown businesses see boom

As the Suns run for the NBA title continues, Downtown Phoenix businesses are booming.

"Those that aren't inside the Arena are heading to restaurants and bars to be close to the action," said Whitehead.

The Ainsworth is one of the businesses seeing a boom. The business, located right across from the Arena, opened just two months ago, with no idea that they would be in a prime location for fans, or that the Phoenix Suns would be heading to the finals.

"Having that sense of community to somewhere, you were told 'hey, you're going into the summer. It's kind of slow and kind of quiet,' and to have this opportunity to have the fans, and also what's happening in Downtown and all the hardships after COVID we've been having," said Assistant General Manager Sam Merrero.

While Merrero says it is too soon to compare sales from prior years, he has seen the difference from having worked for other Valley restaurants.

"With events that we have in other locations in the West Valley close to the Cards Stadium, we have seen that we are very competitive with those locations, especially with event times," said Merrero.

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