Excited Suns fan gets Chris Paul tattooed on his leg as team gets closer to NBA title

At one tattoo parlor in Phoenix, the needle was buzzing as die-hard Suns fan Diego Lopez was getting a Suns-themed tattoo

For Lopez, there was no question on whether or not he needed the new tattoo.

"It's Arizona. It's that rush you feel inside," said Lopez.

When all is said and done, a tattoo of Chris Paul will be inked on on Lopez's leg.

"After so many seasons of him trying to make it to the Finals, he finally made it to the Finals with the Suns. Arizona's gotta get him tatted," said Lopez.

The tattoo cost at least $850, and took three to four hours to complete. Andres Ortega, the tattoo artist at Knucklehead Tattoo Shop in Glendale, referenced a photo of CP3 and carefully detailed him. Ortega also did Lopez's Michael Jordan tattoo two weeks ago.

Lopez says he knows that Suns are going to win the championship.

"It's a lock. It's getting tatted. We have to win," said Lopez.

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