'Green waste' fire burning at Salt River Landfill fully extinguished

A fire burning at the Salt River Landfill has now been extinguished, tribal officials say.

According to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community on Oct. 6, most of the smoldering piles have now been put out and smoke is dissipating in the area.

"Efforts have now moved to the mop up phase; any lingering smell is a by-product of this event but does not pose any health danger," officials say.

Tribal officials said the fire involved what they described as ‘green waste.’

According to the Salt River Landfill's website, green waste includes the following items:

  • Leaves
  • Tree branches
  • Untreated and unpainted lumber
  • Grass
  • Plant clippings

"Yard and green waste is recycled and made into mulch or further processed and made into compost," read a portion of the website.

Officials say air quality readings are in the moderate to good range. Check the quality here.