Florida school shoots epic one-take music video

Forget yearbooks or even video yearbooks, there is a new way for students to remember their high school days in a pretty cool way. Many schools are now creating one take lip dub videos and posting them online.

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The idea is simple. Take all the clubs and character of a school and cram it into a 10-minute video. Think a "Harlem Shake" video meets a "Kiki" video, but a thousand times more epic.

Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda, Florida posted one such video online Wednesday. It claims to have been done in one-shot with no prior rehearsing.

The video is so epic it has its own trailer.

The actual video starts out with the school's principal, Cathy Corsaletti, escorting the school mascot, a fighting Tarpon, through the front doors of the school's historic three-story building, the façade of which has been standing since 1926, surviving several hurricanes.

Once inside, it's a 9-minute non-stop entertaining ride set to pulse-pounding pop music, halls lined with students, and a lot of blue and gold, the school's colors. It tours the entire campus from the cafeteria to the gym to the auditorium and almost every classroom in between.

The organizers wrote that more than 70 lip synchers were used, more than 1,500 students participated, and more than 45 clubs were represented, everything from student government to NJROTC to cheerleading to softball to football to the school's infamous student spirit section, the Blue Crew.

It took organizers about four months to plan the epic one-take wonder. The film crew used a GoPro Hero 7 Black, a GoPro Karma Grip Stabilizer, and several perfectly synched cell phones with the soundtrack, which is the Decade of Pop: The Megamix by Adamusic. That's not to mention the tons of confetti, balloons, streamers, spirit powder, and a random Smarties candy blowup for whatever reason.

The video ends on a rather epic shot of all the students gathers in the center of the school, outside on a typical sunny Florida day.

The tag on the video is "One School. One Family. One Tradition. One Take."

FOX 5 News reporting from Atlanta.