Florists in Phoenix preparing for busy times as Valentine's Day approaches

Valentine's Day is the busiest time of the year for floral shops, and despite supply chain issues, one Phoenix floral shop is already seeing an uptick in orders.

At Stem Swag, Gary Guerin is preparing for the busy times.

"When it gets to this point, it’s really exciting for us. It's go time," said Guerin.

Workers at Guerin's floral shop, located inside a flower wholesale store in Downtown Phoenix, is cranking out floral arrangements as fast as they can, ahead of Valentine's Day weekend. Guerin said for the past couple of years, business has been up and down.

Things, however, are looking up this year.

"Reasons is that people are looking for ways to stay connected," said Guerin. "You may not be physically present with all that we've been going through with COVID, so anytime we can help to connect people, we are here to help."

Despite ongoing supply chain issues, Guerin says customers have been flexible.

"It's not guaranteed, specific breeds or colors or even types of flowers, so when we work with customers now, flexibility is key to making it work, so we can accomplish your overall color palette, vibe, with some small changes along the way," said Guerin.

With Super Bowl on Sunday and Valentine's Day the day after, some people are thinking ahead.  

"I was surprised with how many Valentine’s gifts went out today," said Guerin.

Guerin says there is still plenty of product.

"We will start to run out of some specific designs as time goes on, so if people are looking for something a little more specific, or want the best variety of options, it's advised to order as early as possible," said Guerin.

For Guerin's shop, they have a wide variety to choose from, with arrangements ranging anywhere from $29 to hundreds of dollars. The store will be open all weekend long for those who want to see, in person, what is available. They also deliver.

"So we are prepping now getting all the stuff ready for the big day our big day," said Cactus Flower Florists owner, Eric Luoma on Feb. 13. He says they've had some supply chain issues, but other than that, things have been busy.

20,000 red roses and thousands of other assorted flowers from all parts of the world are flown to his shop in Scottsdale. Luoma says it takes six months of prep time to get ready for this holiday, and the day before Valentine's Day really is game day.

After Valentine's Day, they'll get a bit of a break, then in six months, prep work will start all over again.

"It's a fun time, people come in … and they're just really excited about doing something nice for someone that they love," Luoma.

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