Fossilized skull of largest touring T-Rex unveiled at Phoenix City Hall

This is the fossilized skull of Victoria, one of the largest and second-most complete T-Rex skeletons in the world, and her first exhibition stop is here at Phoenix City Hall.

Her 66-million-year-old skull was discovered first near Faith, South Dakota in 2013. Now, Victoria the T-Rex sits about 40-feet wide and 12-feet tall on top of the world's only rotating dinosaur skull mount.

"It actually slowly turns around so anybody can view the whole skull and you don't have to walk around it just comes towards you, which is really cool," said Terry Ciotka, owner of Dino Lab, Inc.

Like her name, she makes her journey from Victoria, British Columbia where she was assembled, as the City of Phoenix and Arizona Science Center welcome the prehistoric carnivore to the Valley for her world premiere.

"Victoria has a great story all on her own and this is a chance to get to hear that story and people get a chance to see her face-to-face and being able to see a real fossil skeleton, a lot of times when we dinosaurs they're cast, so this is real fossils," said Sari Custer of the Arizona Science Center.

The full exhibition opens on November 16.