Gas problems plague residents at one Scottsdale neighborhood

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Gas problems at one mobile home community in south Scottsdale mean residents there have been living without hot water for close to two weeks, and the gas may not come back on anytime soon.

There are about 200 homes at the Riviera Mobile Home Park, located on Hayden between McKellips and Roosevelt. Residents there ssay it's not easy, and it's not pleasant living without hot water.

"For me right now, I have not had a bath in two weeks now," said one man. "I use these wipes to wipe stuff with."

Officials with the community said the gas system goes back some 60 years. There are occasional leaks but they are minor, and management fixes problems promptly. Officials also add that they are "doing everything we can to get ourselves back online. We are not criminals. We will be petitioning for emergency relief to turn everyone back on."

Arizona's Corporation Commission, however, has a different take. Officials with the commission told FOX 10 that:

"Gas leaks within a master meter property are a significant issue. When a natural gas line forms a leak, there is an imminent risk of a fire. A shutdown is mandatory and the property owner is required to address the leaks."

At the community, there are holes dug and yellow tape up, but still, no hot water. Management has provided free space heaters for people, and there are some hot showers by the office.

While residents said they appreciated that a lot, what they really want is for the problem to be fixed.