Glendale PD releases video of suspect involved in burglary days after release from prison

Officials have released footage of a police shooting near 59th and Northern Avenue last May.

45-year-old Mariano Villegas was released from prison after serving time for escaping from a law enforcement vehicle according to the court records.

Glendale Police say on May 3, Villegas trespassed onto someone's property, barricaded himself inside the garage and allegedly said they would have to "shoot him to get him out."

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The incident was on-going for an hour with the SWAT team and K-9 units involved. 

Hiding in the car, police say Villegas jumped out of the car and charged towards them with tools when the police shot fired.

Police say officers were on scene to save Villegas, but he later died at a hospital.

Villegas was accused of swinging a bolt cutter and was also sentenced with a manslaughter charge in Navajo County in 2006.

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