Grocers statewide have a message for shoppers: Stop hoarding

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, grocers from across the state are telling shoppers to stop hoarding.

Grocers say there is no reason to believe that stores will run out of food.

Mark Miller, who heads the Arizona Food Market Alliance, says Arizona has four large distribution centers for Walmart, Albertsons, Kroger and Basha's.

"We have the four major chains with big distribution centers, and they are supplied up," said Miller.

Meanwhile, shoppers are dealing with the reality of people converging on stores to buy food.

"Oh horrible. I’m surprised there are no fights! Everyone is rushing through," said one person.

“We got meat, so we don’t have to come back," said one woman, identified only as "Brenda". "I don’t want to come back to this. It’s horrible."

Miller, meanwhile, is pleading with people to stop hoarding, because it is forcing stores to limit the number of items people can buy, and it is hurting people like those with a lower income or the elderly.

(Marc Martinez)

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